Membership Policy

Effective from: 2024 April 1

Membership Policy

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Anyone can enlist in ‘FIRSTLOOK’ app if they are over 18 years old Indian citizen, currently residing in India or abroad, either single, widowed, or divorcee.

You must have a valid mobile number and an ID Proof (Issued by Govt. of India). You should register in our app using this mobile number. We will be using OTP system and will contact you directly (if required) for this process of account verification. You must also provide an alternative number. We will only use this secondary number to contact you in case the primary contact number is unavailable.

Kindly provide only correct and accurate details about yourself. Use latest pictures and at-least one selfie image. Kindly understand that the data you provide will be the parameter on which people will be impressed and propose you. If you use someone else’s photos, you will be responsible for the legal and other issues that may occur later.

The data that you provide on the app can be viewed by other members, including photos. Kindly know that anyone can access your data, except address and contact details, as long as they are a valid member of this application.

We will be verifying the authenticity of your contact number and accuracy of data provided by you using this contact number. The authenticity of the profile data will be the sole responsibility of the owner of the profile. This application, our parent company, owners, directors, investor’s, management and staff members hold no responsibility over the authenticity of the data provided by a user.

You can delete the profile and exit the application whenever you like. You can also hide your profile for a short period of time and make it inactive without deleting the profile. By doing this, you will be able to reactivate the same account later. You may have to verify your mobile number once again to confirm the re-activation. The profile details will be verified again if necessary.

Regarding verification

We will verify the mobile number via OTP method and direct call to them to confirm the authenticity of the contact number if required. Also, we verify the govt authorized id proof like Aadhaar card / Pan Card / Driving License / Passport, to verify the identity and residential address. This will help to avoid fake profiles and duplicate profiles. Before verify your id proof, you can’t do any major activities in our website / app, includes chat, proposal. if you are not adding your id while registration, you should add this after launch your profile, within a period of 14 days. Otherwise, we will move your profile to waiting list and in future it will going to a permanent removal of your account.

Data Privacy

We collect your personal information’s, interests and choices, hobbies, academic, occupation, and family details, concepts and preferences about life partners, photographs and video reels via this application during the period of registration and between the regular uses. The entire data we collect from you is only used for data analysis to finding a right match for you.

Also, we collect your current location status to run the nearby feature in our app. This feature will help you to find the matches nearby your location.

We will not share any of your information with any other entity outside of Firstlook website and mobile app, for advertising, marketing or other data analysis purposes.

The moment you terminate your account from this application, all information about you will be removed automatically from our database. We do not keep any information for future in any reason.

Use our application by honoring and abiding by our terms and conditions. We wish you a happy search.

Regarding the removal of profile

If we are unable to contact you on the number that you have provided, and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we have not received a valid ID proof within the specified time and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we find out that the data that you have given is erroneous and you refuse to rectify the errors.

If you have uploaded someone else’s photo and refuse to remove that.

If you upload any nude or morally questionable photos / videos in your profile.

If you don’t login to your account for more than 30 days, a notification message will be arranged. If we are unable to get a response, the profile will be hidden from the search list. If the profile is inactive even after 90 days, it will be removed automatically.

If we confirm that you have already married.

If you follow / stalk anyone using the details received from our application, despite their complaints.

If you copy the photos or phone number from other profiles and share them via any print / electronic / digital media or social platforms, and we receive their complaints.

All the above-mentioned scenarios are valid reason for your profile to get removed.

If more than one profile of the same person is added, duplicate profiles will be removed. If you continue to do so, the primary profile will also be removed without warning.

Use our application by honoring and abiding by our Membership Policy. We wish you a happy search.

With love and regards