Refund & Cancellation Policy

Effective from: 2024 April 1


Regarding Payment

This is a premium application. You can use our services for free for a short period of time to get familiarized with the nature of our services. However, you need to get paid membership to continue our service. You can do the payment via any digital method such as ATM / Debit card / Credit Card / UPI etc. Kindly refer to payment plans [ ] for further details. You can also visit [ ] or contact us [ ] in case any queries or complaints.

Refund Policy

The payments made by any Firstlook Member to Firstlook or its Parent company as a Premium Membership Fee / Membership Renewal Fee / Add on or Top up Fee / Profile Push or Booster Fee as treated a s non-refundable.

Payment once made for Firstlook services cannot be assigned to any other person, or adjusted towards any other service or packages by Firstlook.

A Firstlook Member shall not assign or transfer your membership / profile / account to any other person or entity, and such an act shall be treated as a violation of our terms and conditions, we should terminate your account permanently without any refunds.

A user done any premium activity in Firstlook app after made the payment, they are not eligible for a refund at any circumstances. Profile search and 'feed view' are free for basic members. The below are considered as premium activity. Set preferences, the detailed view of any profiles, Photo and video views, add them to your favorites, Send proposal, Chat etc.

Is there any technical issues occur and a user can’t access the profile for a specific period, we will rectify the issues as earlier possible. If it will be long more than 24hrs, we will add the specific time to the user’s premium validity period. But we do not entertain any kind of refunds.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

All Firstlook services are deemed to have been entered into within the territorial jurisdiction of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. All of our registered members / profile owners unconditionally agree that all such disputes if any, shall be governed by the Laws of India and submitting to the jurisdiction of appropriate court of law in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Regarding the removal of profile

If we are unable to contact you on the number that you have provided, and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we have not received a valid ID proof within the specified time and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we find out that the data that you have given is erroneous and you refuse to rectify the errors.

If you have uploaded someone else’s photo and refuse to remove that.

If you upload any nude or morally questionable photos / videos in your profile.

If you don’t login to your account for more than 30 days, a notification message will be arranged. If we are unable to get a response, the profile will be hidden from the search list. If the profile is inactive even after 90 days, it will be removed automatically.

If we confirm that you have already married.

If you follow / stalk anyone using the details received from our application, despite their complaints.

If you copy the photos or phone number from other profiles and share them via any print / electronic / digital media or social platforms, and we receive their complaints.

All the above-mentioned scenarios are valid reason for your profile to get removed.

If more than one profile of the same person is added, duplicate profiles will be removed. If you continue to do so, the primary profile will also be removed without warning.