Terms of use

Effective from: 2024 April 1



You must read and understand these terms and conditions before using our website (www.firstlook.pro) / mobile app named ‘Firstlook’. You may only use this web & app, in terms with our policies. We will let you know about the changes, as soon as they occur in future. We hereby humbly request you to start using our service after reading and understanding each term of use.

About the company

‘Firstlook’is under the complete ownership and control of an Internet Company ‘Sebastian and Sons Digital Pvt Ltd’., which is registered at Chennai, India. The company also have a trade name 'MCABEE'. Which is completely owned by people with Indian citizenship. Company doesn't have any foreign investment, alliance or partnerships till the date.

About the services

Firstlook is a complete social application that exclusively for single's who are searching for a life partner. We are providing a digital platform to the people who want to find a suitable person to marry. We will be keen to omit fake profiles and inactive accounts time to time, thus providing you with a better chance of finding an active profile.

We are giving you some directions here regarding the use of this application. We cannot assure you complete success in finding a partner by using our application. But we assure that we can provide maximum number of profiles based on your preferences and taste's. You can choose from that wide range of profiles as per your taste. You will be sharing some details regarding your choices while signing in to our application. We are providing suitable profiles as per your preferences and also the recommendation by our algorithm. We can only select profiles which are listed in our database. We use a special algorithm to filter your preferred choices from our database. We cannot guarantee that these profiles will be completely satisfactory to you. However, we can assure that these profiles will be of maximum compatibility to your choices.

You can propose them via mobile application or chat with them directly. Accepting or rejecting your proposal is entirely based on their personal freedom. We are not a part of it.

Before you marry a person through our platform, you should contact them directly and verify the details provided by them. We hold no responsibility over the details provided by our user profile regarding education, occupation, financial status and family backgrounds. That completely provided by the profile owner.

Regarding Registration

Anyone can enlist in our app if they are over 18 years old Indian citizen, currently residing in India or abroad, either single, widowed, or divorcee.

You must have a valid mobile number. You should register in our app using this number. We will be verifying your number and accuracy of data provided by you using this contact number. We will be using OTP system and will contact you directly (if required) for this process of verification. You should provide an alternative number. We will only use this secondary number to contact you in case the primary contact number is unavailable.

Kindly provide only correct and accurate details about yourself. Use latest pictures and at-least one selfie image. Sole responsibility of the data that you provide will be upon you. Kindly understand that that the data you provide will be the parameter on which people will be impressed and propose you. If you use someone else’s photos, you will be responsible for the legal and other issues that may occur later.

The entire data that you provide on the app can be viewed by other members, except your residential address and contact number. Kindly know that anyone can access your data as long as they are a valid member of this application. We will provide you the visitor's details of your profile in a timely manner.

We will verify the mobile number via OTP method and direct call to them to confirm the authenticity of the contact number. Also, we verify the govt (India) authorized id proof, to verify the identity and residential address. This will help to avoid fake profiles and duplicate profiles. The authenticity of the data will be the sole responsibility of the owner of the profile. Or website / mobile app, our parent company, owners, directors, investor’s, management and staff members hold no responsibility over the authenticity of the data provided by a user.

You can delete the profile and exit from the application whenever you like. You can also hide your profile for a short period of time and make it inactive without deleting the profile. By doing this, you will be able to reactivate the same account later. You may have to verify your mobile number once again to confirm the re-entry. The profile details will be verified again if necessary.

Regarding verification

We will verify the mobile number via OTP method and direct call to them (if required) to confirm the authenticity of the contact number. Also, we verify the govt (India) authorized id proof, to verify the identity and residential address. This will help to avoid fake profiles and duplicate profiles. Before verify your id proof, you can’t do any major activities in our website / app, includes chat, proposal. if you are not adding your id while registration, you should add this after launch your profile, within a period of 14 days. Otherwise, we will move your profile to waiting list and in future it will going to a permanent removal of your account.

Regarding the Content

All the common contents used in this application such as names, taglines, references, announcements, etc. come under complete responsibility and knowledge of our application. These are specially designed for our website / mobile app.

The images (Advertisement posters, images of models etc) used in our application, social media pages, and other advertisement campaigns etc are used with the consent of the concerned content creator. Copying of these properties without our consent is strictly prohibited.

User details, their conversations and contacts (Personal details, Interests, Occupation, Education, Family, Photos, Videos, Comments, Messages etc) are the sole responsibility of the profile owner. This application, our parent company, owners, directors, investor’s, management and staff members will have no responsibility over the user generated contents. If you have any grievances, you can directly contact us [write us to support@firstlook.pro ] and we will analyze the situation and act accordingly. It may vary from strict warning to total ban of the profile. If you want to proceed with your grievances further, you can act accordingly as per the legal norms available in the jurisdiction of the union of India. We will provide available data regarding the culprit or victim.

Data Collection and Usage

At 'Firstlook', we prioritize your privacy while striving to enhance your matchmaking experience. Here's how we handle the information you provide and share with others:

Sign-up Information: During sign-up, we collect your mobile number for verification via OTP (One-Time Password). This ensures the authenticity of your account.

Personal Information: We gather additional personal details such as education, job, current location, and native place to facilitate better match filtering, ensuring you connect with individuals who align with your preferences and interests.

Data Sharing: We only share your collected data with registered users within the app interface. We strictly prohibit sharing this data on any third-party app or website.

Sensitive Information Protection: Your address, family details, and contact information (such as email and mobile number) are never shared with other users under any circumstances.

Photos and Video Reels: You have the freedom to upload photos and video reels without limitations. This feature is designed to allow you to make a compelling first impression on your profile.

Sharing Information with Others: To enhance matchmaking, we share certain personal details like gender, age, education, job, location, and native place with other users. Additionally, we share photos and videos to help foster connections. However, we never disclose sensitive information such as your address or contact details like email or phone number to any other users.

User Control: You have full control over the information you share. Whether it's via your profile or through chat, the decision to share additional details with others is entirely yours. We entrust you with the responsibility of managing the dissemination of your personal data.

At 'Firstlook', we're committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Regarding photos and videos

You can add photos and videos without limits in your profile. This is intended to create a better first impression. So, it would be better if you can add latest and high-quality images with proper screen resolution.

Try to add full size photos and close-ups. Far and faded images, group photos (except family), unclear profile photos, low quality photos, photos with water marks and writings, face covered by mask, helmet etc are not allowed. You must add at-least three photos.

You don’t have any limits to add photos. We will not approve profiles without photos and such profiles will not be listed in search results.

You can add photos without limits to your profile, intended to create a better first impression. However, these photos cannot be copied, downloaded, or even captured via screenshots.

At 'Firstlook', we value your privacy and are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all users. Here's how we handle video reels and protect your privacy:

Video profiles are a new and innovative idea to captivate and find a possible life partner. We believe, either than a still photo, a video can communicate more. Through the profile video you can introduce yourself, or you can dance, sing, talk something to your listeners, or anything you are interested. This will help others to get more attached to you. Although this is not mandatory, adding a video profile will make you stand out among the crowd. You can add a ‘One Minute’ (Length should be Sixty seconds or less) selfie video or professionally captured video. You can even add BGM to the video to make it more attractive. It is also possible to remove the video instantly whenever you want.

Purpose of Video Reels: We collect video reels from users solely for entertainment purposes and to enhance user profiles. We believe that video reels offer a more dynamic and genuine representation of our users compared to still photos.

No Download or Copying: We understand the importance of protecting users' content. Therefore, we do not provide any option for downloading or copying video reels. Opposite users or matches can only watch the video reel within the app; they cannot download or copy it in any way.

User Control: Users have full control over the content of their video reels. They can choose to upload, edit, or remove their video reels at any time through their profile settings.

Additional Information: If a user finds a video reel attractive and wishes to learn more about the user, they can navigate to the user's profile for additional information. However, they cannot download or copy the video reel.

Data Protection: We are committed to safeguarding your personal data, including photos and video reels. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your information.

We will not allow nude or morally questionable photos and videos. Such contents will be removed without any prior warning. If anyone repeats such behavior their profiles will be removed.

When a user deletes their account, we completely remove all data, including login details, personal information, photos, and videos from our server. We never retain this data for future use.

Data Privacy

We collect your personal information’s, interests and choices, hobbies, academic, occupation, and family details, concepts and preferences about life partners, photographs via this application during the period of registration and between the regular uses. The entire data we collect from you is only used for data analysis to finding a right match for you.

Also, we collect your current location status to run the nearby feature in our app. This feature will help you to find the matches nearby your location.

We will not share any of your information with any other entity outside of Firstlook website and mobile app, for advertising, marketing or other data analysis purposes.

The moment you terminate your account from this application, all information about you will be removed automatically from our database. We do not keep any information for future in any reason.

Regarding payment

This is a premium application. You can use our services for free for a short period of time to get familiarized with the nature of our services. However, you need to get paid membership to continue our service. You can do the payment via any digital method such as ATM / Debit card / Credit Card / UPI etc. Kindly refer to payment plans [ www.firstlook.pro/pricing ] for further details. You can also visit [ www.firstlook.pro/helpcentre ] or contact us [ support@firstlook.pro ] in case any queries or complaints.

Regarding the removal of profile

If we are unable to contact you on the number that you have provided, and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we have not received a valid ID proof within the specified time and thereby the verification process comes to a halt.

If we find out that the data that you have given is erroneous and you refuse to rectify the errors.

If you have uploaded someone else’s photo and refuse to remove that.

If you upload any nude or morally questionable photos / videos in your profile.

If you don’t login to your account for more than 30 days, a notification message will be arranged. If we are unable to get a response, the profile will be hidden from the search list. If the profile is inactive even after 90 days, it will be removed automatically.

If we confirm that you have already married.

If you follow / stalk anyone using the details received from our application, despite their complaints.

If you copy the photos or phone number from other profiles and share them via any print / electronic / digital media or social platforms, and we receive their complaints.

All the above-mentioned scenarios are valid reason for your profile to get removed.

If more than one profile of the same person is added, duplicate profiles will be removed. If you continue to do so, the primary profile will also be removed without warning.

Regarding Copyright and Trademark

Our name Firstlook, and its logo, Tagline, Font, color theme are under trademark registration. No matrimony, matchmaking, dating services, websites, mobile apps, social media communities, accounts and pages, private / public groups, marriage bureau, agencies, brokering firms can use our registered logos, taglines, or name, exactly as it is or copied with little alterations with an intention to mimic the original item. Without our specific consent, no one can use any of our contents for any purpose.

Common Announcements

Our matchmaking services are only available via website and mobile application. It is not available through a physical office space. We don’t publish any magazines or printed booklets. Apart from our registered office located in Chennai, we don’t have any other offices or branches. All the transactions can be done via online services provided within our app (Firstlook) or website (www.firstlook.pro). You are hereby advised not to follow any other payment methods apart from the services provided within the application. We don’t have any agents, agencies, or franchisees. So, you are advised not to take up any franchisees or do transactions with any agencies for our services. This application, our parent company, owners, directors, investors, management and staff members will have no responsibility over such issues.

We provide a general data security. However, we can resolve issues instantly such as data loss, security issues and app feature error’s that occur due to technical issues. We can resolve issues due to Hacking or cyber-attacks etc. with the help of existing legal remedies only. In order to resolve technical issues and legal procedures, and to process updates, we will require a specific time. So, kindly bear with us, during those times.

A Firstlook Member shall not assign or transfer your membership / profile / account to any other person or entity, and such an act shall be treated as a violation of our terms and conditions, we should terminate your membership / profile / account permanently without any refunds.

Kindly remember that you are using this application for a pristine idea of finding a partner or to marriage. So, behave respectfully and accordingly. Kindly add correct details and real photos in the profile.

It will be better to send proposals and requests to interested parties and matching profiles only.

Even you are premium member, you can't directly fetch the address details of any matches. You can propose them via this application, or to initiate a chat with them. This will help to know about their interest in you. If you are interested to grab the contact details, you should send a request to them. Based on their permission only you can fetch their contact details.

Remember to behave and speak in an educated and respectful manner. Avoid unnecessary and untimely communications.

While registering the profile, it is advisable to add the phone number of your family members or parents as a secondary contact. Especially for women’s profiles.

Kindly inform us [ complaints@firstlook.pro ] if any member behaves in an inappropriate manner. Use the help of cyber cell or police if necessary.

If anyone interested in your profile and invites you for a direct meeting, please select a public place. Avoid meeting strangers in unusual or deserted places. Kindly view this message as a precautionary warning in light of social issues such as violence against women and honey trap.

If anyone that you make contact through this application uses you for financial gains in anyway, kindly refrain from such contacts. If you suffer from any losses due to such contacts, you will be solely responsible.

Use our application by honoring and abiding by our terms and conditions. We wish you a happy search.

With love and regards